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  • Lion's Roar 6-8-17
    End of the Year Reminders
    • Please turn in all clothes that have been borrowed from our office.
    • If your child has any medications at the school, we have them ready for you to pick up in the office.
    • If you have any SALT hours that need to be turned in, please do so by the last day of school so you can get credited for those hours. Any unserved hours will be billed after that.
    • Lunch ticket carry over. If your child will be returning next year, any amount left on his or her lunch ticket will carry over to their new class.
    • There is no after-care on our last day of school - June 14th.
    • The office will be open June 19-23 from 8:00 -3:00. After that, summer office hours are Wednesdays, from 9:00 - 1:00.
    8th Grade Graduation
    You are cordially invited to attend the graduation ceremony for the 8th Grade Class of Centralia Christian School on Tuesday, June 13th at 7:00 pm at the school. A reception hosted by the 7th grade parents will follow the ceremony.
    This years graduates are:
    Jordan Beddall
    Gabriel Cuestas
    Malaki Damouni
    Joel Johnson
    Thomas Mullin
    Alannah Riggs
    Chase Sanchez
    Watch your mailbox!

    Parents can watch for a mailing from the school during the last week of June that will include report cards, supply lists, calendars, immunization updates and other important information. Family accounts will need to be current before report cards will be sent home or records transferred.

    Math Camp

    This is the last week to sign up for Math Camp. We have changed the dates to make it a 4 day week. It will run from July 31 - August 3. We realize this is pretty late notice and apologize for deciding to offer Math Camp so late in the school year. If we don't have a minimum of 7 students signed up by Friday, June 9, we will postpone summer math camp till next summer of 2018. We are attaching a registration form, or you can stop by the office.

    SALT Hour Opportunities
    • Cut down insulation in the breezeway
    • Change out furnace filters
    • Wash the yellow bus
    Cookies Galore!

    To those of you who so lovingly provided cookies for the Pacific Northwest Chamber Orchestra concert last Monday night, Thank you! Your treats were very well received. As audience members walked by the cookies before the concert began, we heard people talking with anticipation about which cookies they planned to try at intermission. Your generosity made me think of God's chosen people. Building the Old Testament tabernacle, they gave so much Moses finally asked them to stop! We have lots of cookies left over which we will share with our students and others who have faithfully served our school all year. Your generosity blesses my heart beyond measure! Thank you so much.


    Thank You's!!!!!

    We would like to extend a special thank you to a few individuals who work to benefit all of our families here at school. You are such important pieces of the puzzle that is CCS!!
    • Sharma Cawley for serving as S.A.L.T. coordinator.
    • Missy Smith for working on the lunchroom calendar each month.
    • Mike Orr for volunteering in our P.E. classes.
    • Angelina Puris for planting and watering the flowers in our front flower bed.
    • Mr. Monroy for teaching 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade Spanish.
    • Peggy Roberts for coordinating and organizing our OJP field  trips.
    • Meredy Fay and Carin Haldy for teaching our 2nd graders Spanish each week.
    • Stacy Wilson for helping to coordinate S.A.L.T. jobs for our families.
    • Chris Morrow for tutoring with our students.
    • Toni Kemp for helping Mrs. DeBoer.
    • Connie Taylor and Barb Perry for many hours of volunteering in the classrooms.
    • Jennifer Hedgers for coordinating the Passport Program, and all the faithful test-day checkers who support her.
    • Eudora Carlson for teaching keyboarding and helping in our computer lab.
    • Ada Norman for coming twice a week doing little jobs throughout the school. And she's 91 years old!
    • Britany Hastings for being our Box Tops coordinator.
    • Mike Masters for helping students with speech therapy.
    • Jerry Durr for helping with 6th grade spanish.
    • Faithful School Board & Foundation board members.

    And to ALL the MANY volunteers who work quietly and diligently in the classrooms and background to keep our school humming along as smooth as it does. We couldn't (and are so glad we don't have to) do it without YOU!!!!

    Yearbooks Available

    If you forgot to order a 2016-2017 yearbook, we do have some available in the office. They are $26 a piece.

    Spiritual Fitness Day Missions Offering

    On Spiritual Fitness Day last week, one of the stations was watching a World Vision video on the need for clean water in 3rd world countries.  So we chose to use our Mission Offering to help build wells in countries where they don't have clean water. Our offering last week was $405.27!

    Save the Date

    We are planning a Work Day Barbecue this summer on Saturday August 26. It will coincide with Centralia churches One Day of service. We'll have lots of jobs for the whole family to spruce up our campus just in time for school to resume. Will you mark your calendars now and plan to join us on this fun day of serving together? As an added bonus, Dan Swecker will be barbecuing salmon for us to enjoy. Watch for more details as the day draws near.

    Summer Tutoring

    Beginning the week of June 26th, Mrs. Conrad will be offering tutorial help on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Typical tutoring slot is 1 hour long and fee is $25.00 per hour. Tutoring time is between 9:00-3:00 at CCS. For more information and weeks that she will be available, stop by the office, email Mrs. Conrad at or call her at home, 736-4735.

    Reminder Dates for You

    June 8               4th Grade Talent Show  2:00

    June 8               Last day of P3

    June 9               Last day of P5

    June 9               DC Dogs

    June 9               6th Grade Art Adventure 11:55-2:45

    June 9               2nd Grade Reading Auction 12:00 - 3:00

    June 13             6th Grade to Care Homes 12:15-3:00

    June 13             1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade Field Day 1:30-3:00

    June 13             8th Grade Graduation  7:00

    June 14             Last Day of School 11:30 Dismissal


    Chapel Schedule

    June 8                SLC Chapel

    June 13              8th Grade Chapel