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  • Lion's Roar 2-7-18
    Family Envelopes
    Family Envelopes are going home today, in them you will find:
    Report Cards - If we have the Family Envelope
    Auction Volunteer Form
    Class Picture Order Form


    Science Fair tomorrow night!
    Preschool - 4th graders are ready to show off their science projects! Learn about volcanoes, simple machines, animal life and more as these students increase your knowledge. Wednesday, November 8 at 6:30!
    Bake Sale
    1st Grade is having a Bake Sale tomorrow and Friday, the 8th and 9th. Send some spare change with your kids and they can enjoy some tasty treats during their lunch time!


    Auction News
    Time is ticking down and our annual school auction is fast approaching. We are greatly in need of items to auction off. These can be silent or live auction items. If your family or friends are interested in helping support our awesome school, we would be sooooo THANKFUL.

    A Few ideas-

    • Gift Certificates to/for anything imaginable. Hair, Massage, Food, Amazon, Chiropractor, Dental, Vision, Pets-unlimited locations!!!!!!
    • Crafts
    • Services
    • Children's Parties
    • Adult Spa Days
    • Girl's Night Out-Hair, Beauty, Etc.
    • Fishing Trips
    • Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish!!!

    PLEASE be a friend to CCS and help us with the BEST AUCTION IN LEWIS COUNTY!

    Items can be brought to the office starting TODAY!!!!

    All of YOU are a BLESSONG TO ME and OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!




    OJP Coordinator Needed
    We are in need of a new coordinator for our OJP Program (Olympia Junior Programs). If you would like to do this and earn some SALT hours, please contact the office!  


    Class Picture Day Help

    We are in need of one volunteer to help on our class picture day, Tuesday, February 27th. Give the office a call if you would like to earn some SALT hours and help us out!


    After School Sporting Events

    After School Sporting Events are great fun for students and a great way to build school spirit. To assure the safety of all CCS students during these times, we have found it helpful to have some policies in place. Students do best when there is adult supervision present. While teachers are happy to supervise student spectators during games, they have many tasks to accomplish after school each day. Therefore we cannot allow students to "hang out" during the time between school dismisses and the game starts. Students are welcome to go to after care until game time or to go come and return at game time.

    Our cell phone policy precludes students from having cell phones at school. This includes after school sporting events. If you need your child to have a cell phone at school, there is a form in the office for parents to complete and sign granting permission. However, cell phones are not to be visible at school. They are to remain OFF at all times and in student backpacks.
    We have reviewed these protocols with our middle and high school students. Our hope is this clarification will keep everyone; students, parents and staff all on the same page and prevent any mixed messages.   


     7th Grade Authors

    Each of our 7th grade girls wrote a Winter Season Story in English class, and we thought it would be fun to publish them in the Lions Roar. This is our third story written by Lucy Wilson


    Winter Frost

        The icy land spreads out, a cold, still, white plain adorned with rolling hills. A snowflake slinks past me, then another, and another until the snow if falling steadily. I leap off the porch and land on a milk-colored bank of snow with a soft crunch of the snow under me. I sink in, feeling its chilly embrace. The first snow of winter. I spring up "There must be two feet of snow here!" I cry out. The branches of the pine, heavy with the magic frozen crystals, weigh the vibrant green boughs down. It's truly a beautiful sight. Cold yet inviting, frozen like a snow cone, the day must be filled with cheer.

     CCS Calendar


    8       Science Fair Night 6:30

    8-9   1st Grade Bake Sale

    10     DC Garage Sale/Car Wash 9-3

    13     3rd Grade to OJP

    14     DC Dogs

    16     No School - Staff Day

    19     No School - Presidents Day

    22     Parent Liaison Meeting 6:30

    27     Class Picture Day

    Chapel Schedule


    8       Upper Grades

    13     Story with Mrs. Stout

    20     Worship with Miss Bosman and Miss Saari


    Knowledge Bowl Schedule

    13     3:30 @ Chehalis

    14     3:30 @ CCS

    Boys Basketball Schedule


    15     4:00 @ Home

Annual Auction