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  • Reopening Plan & FAQs

    Centralia Christian School (CCS) has reopened for in-person class at all grade levels and, as ever, remains committed to pursuing Christ in character, academics and service while training our future leaders to use their hearts, heads and hands for Christ.

    The CCS Safe School Start Task Force, which was comprised of school administration and Board members, staff, local medical professionals and parents, collaborated to create a robust plan that prioritizes safety as well as the essential role in-person learning plays in a child’s well-being and development.

    Click here to download a copy of our Reopening Plan.  For access to CCS's full safety and cleaning procedures please contact the Office at (360) 736-7657.

    What's New

    What's the Same




    Q: Will the school offer a distance learning option this Fall?

    A: Only if CCS is mandated to close its doors. Then CCS will resume the distance learning program instituted last Spring.


    Q: Will face coverings be required?

    A: Only if it is still a state mandate. Students with medical conditions (physical, emotional, mental) can opt out of wearing a face covering by notifying the office in writing. Students in preschool will not be required to wear face masks.


    Q: What will the school schedule look like?

    A: We plan to return to our regular school schedule. We will attend every day according to our school 2020–2021 calendar. Doors will open at 8:10AM and school will be dismissed at 3:00PM.


    Q: How will you account for social distancing?

    A: Desks have been spaced as far apart from one another as feasible. Students will distance themselves in the lunchroom and gym as is feasible. On the playground students will be allowed to run freely but will be encouraged to keep their distance from their playmates.


    Q: Will students be placed in cohorts?

    A: Yes. Students have been placed in 2 grade level cohorts. Each cohort will move through the school with limited interaction with other cohorts. Cohorts are as follows: Preschool/Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades, 3rd & 4th grades, 5th & 6th grades, 7th – 10th grades.


    Q: What can parents do to help with the reopening?

    A: Give your child plenty of time to talk with you about returning to school. Listen to their concerns and address any that are feasible. Let them practice wearing face coverings and how they be eating lunch at school. Check that they can open all of their lunch items without adult assistance. Talk with your children from a positive perspective. It’s easy to become discouraged with the different messages we hear regarding the virus. Try not to let your children hear your frustration. Practice routines as much as possible. Help your children get plenty of rest prior to the beginning of school. Rest is going to be a BIG deal this year!


    Q: Is there any place I can get more information?

    A: Please download our reopening graphic here or contact the school office.


    Q: If CCS is mandated by the governor to close its doors and move back to distance learning what will tuition be?

    A: This is a board decision and will be addressed if a mandate to close is given.


    Q: What happens if children get sick? Are there guidelines to follow?

    A: If children get sick they should stay home. We are requiring parents take their children's temperature every day before binging them to school. If they have a fever they must stay home. Anyone who gets exposed to COVID-19 will also need to stay home during their period of quarantine as determined by the County Health Dept.


    Q: What happens if a student or teacher in a class tests positive for COVID-19?

    A: They will need to quarantine for two weeks as per Lewis County Health Department guidelines.  


    Q: Will the whole class be quarantined/do distance learning for two weeks?

    A: Not necessarily. We will follow the guidelines/requirements of Lewis County Health Department. 


    Q: What about if someone was exposed to someone who tested positive?

    A: That depends. Again we would follow the guidelines of Lewis County Health Department. 


    Q: What about SALT Hours?

    A: We have not made a change to our SALT hour program. We will try to make opportunities to volunteer as the school year proceeds.