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5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

5th grade is truly a year of growth, learning, and fun! From the scientific method to keyboarding, from ancient Egypt to the Culture Fair, students are challenged to think, observe, and explore new ideas and concepts. They will create and memorize, question and research. They will be encouraged in their faith through learning how those who have gone before them have overcome. It’s an exciting year!

-Mr. Durr

Mr. Durr's email:



Learning about the character of God through the study of Judges, Ruth, Elijah, Elisha, and the book of Acts.

Memorizing Scripture

Visiting the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and the Museum of Flight and studying electricity, the water cycle, wild weather, and more in science.

Strengthening mathematical foundations and promoting problem solving.

Taking a trip to “The Kingdom of Wisdom” through the classic story of The Phantom Tollbooth and to Narnia in The Horse and His Boy. Stepping back in time through the historical fiction stories of Snow Treasure and Caddie Woodlawn.

Playing recorder

Learning about Old World History and Geography as we study the ancient cultures of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, India, China, and more. 

Preparing and presenting the Culture Fair Report!

And a whole lot more…!


8:10       Entry Task
8:25       Bible/Chapel
9:10       English/Music
10:10     Recess
10:25     Read aloud
10:35     Math
11:45     Lunch/Recess
12:25     Silent Reading 
12:35     Science
1:30       PE (M/W/F)/Literaure (Tu/Th)
2:00       Recess (Tu, Th)
2:15       History
2:55       Cleanup
3:00       Dismissal
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