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We believe God has given parents the responsibility and the ability to educate their children in a Biblical manner, and we are here not to replace or undermine their tasks, but to help with the “formal” part of education.  “REAL” education occurs in many places – in and out of the classroom – with many people helping.  Therefore, we welcome parent participation, whether in the classroom, working on SALT projects at home, field trips, school auction, or with the myriad of tasks it takes to have a Christian school for a reasonable price.  This is a great way to get involved in your child’s education.

As a way of enabling all parents to have a chance to be involved, our SALT program provides a way of organizing volunteer help, keeping tuition costs down, and building relationships with other families at the school.  The SALT program guidelines are as follows:

  1. The SALT year ends on the last day of the school year. The new SALT year begins on the following day.
  2. SALT hour requirements are based on the age of your oldest child and are 30 hours per family per year.  Half-day preschool family requirement is 20 hours per family per year.
    *Single parent families need only serve half of required hours per year.
  3. Family members who can work SALT hours include parents, grandparents and students 7th grade or older.
  4. Hours are nontransferable between CCS families.
  5. It is the parents’ responsibility to report SALT hours as they are served.  You may submit a form (available in the school office) or to the SALT hour coordinator at  To receive credit for the current school year, hours should be turned in by the last day of school.
  6. Parents may pay $15 per hour instead of volunteering their time. 
  7. Donations of goods or services may not be used as SALT payment.
  8. Unworked hours by the last day of school will be billed at $15 per hour.
  9. SALT jobs can be done at home or at school, and we advertise available opportunities in the school newsletter, the Lion’s Roar.  If you would like any suggestions, or if there are any questions as to what will qualify for a SALT activity, contact your student’s teacher or the school office.
  10. Up to, but no more than, 50% of the hours owed by a family may be claimed on the 6th, 7th or 8th grade overnight trips.

We desire to have an “open door” policy to parents in the classroom (see “Parent Involvement” in the Family Handbook).  However, any parent expecting to work in the class needs to communicate ahead of time with the teacher to make sure there is no disruption to the learning process.  Anyone wishing to volunteer with children will need to pass a background check.