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9th & 10th Grade

9th & 10th Grade


CCS offers a combination 9th/10th classroom with full, specialist taught instruction for freshman and sophomore math, science, and humanities. These classes are designed to encourage and equip students for life of ministry as an adult in the body of Christ and success in their next step, be that college or as an active believer in the workforce.

Classes are taught in 3 blocks with an elective at the end of the day. Field trips, service projects, assemblies, leadership in the worship team, and other events make this a special experience for students and families. Our current program prepares students for success in Running Start at Centralia College, and we anticipate this as the next step for most students in our program.

CCS High School Program Includes

History, Literature, and Bible taught in harmony to show God’s work in the world and how Christians ought to understand the struggle with big ideas
Spiritual Formation:
Time for careful, personal Bible study, sharing, and application
Algebra 1 and Geometry lectures and supported work time
Speech and Debate:
Application of logic and public speaking skills to represent God’s truth in a compelling and convincing way. 
Reports, research, essays, narrative, descriptive, and prompt-based writing with an emphasis on charity and beauty.
Earth Science and Biology are taught from a Christian worldview as we see God’s glory and character revealed in nature. Rotating each year, students receive the correct science credits for 9th and 10th grade.
Electives (for 2023/2024):
Spanish 1
Culinary Arts
Lifetime Fitness
Washington State History

Note about sports:
CCS does not currently offer sports in high school (maybe you want to help?), and students generally return to their home district for sports practice and must take Lifetime Fitness during that quarter.