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Welcome to Kindergarten!


I strive to provide a loving, caring and welcoming atmosphere where children feel safe and can succeed. It is my desire to see each child grow in five areas:  intellectual, physical, social, life skills and most importantly, spiritual.  How one relates to others is more important than just academics.

I believe in a Biblically-based educational philosophy.  Parents are the main authority in a child’s education.  As teachers, we come alongside the parents to assist.

Children are important to the Lord and they are important to us; “…for such is the kingdom of God.”  Children grow developmentally (one step at a time) and they learn by doing.  I believe strongly in “hands on”.  10% of what you read is learned, while 90% of what you say and do is learned. Therefore I am committed to provide many first-hand experiences for our students.  This approach not only captures their interest but it helps them see how it is useful and important to everyday living.

Blessings, Mrs. Johnson

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Kindergarten Goals

Spiritual Goals:   Bible stories presented throughout the year will give a basic overview of creation, Noah, Moses, David, John the Baptist, Christ’s birth, Jesus’ miracles, death and resurrection, disciples and Paul. These stories help the children learn the Bible is the true Word of God and give them understanding of who God is, who Jesus is and that He loves them and wants to be part of their life (salvation). As a result we should show His love to others. We will work at school and at home to memorize one scripture passage per month. 

Academic Goals:
Handwriting skills, Colors, Color words, Letters/Sounds, Blending, CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) Words, Sentences,  Sight Words, Emergent Reading, Simple CVC books, Read fluently with expression, Rhyming, Left to right concept, Geography Passport, Follow directions, Complete a project, Work independently, Math – counting, numerals 0-9, recognizing 1-100, simple addition, telling time, patterning, money recognition, measuring, sequencing, and much more.

Physical Goals
Small motor control, Perception, Balance, Mirror, Large motor skills – balancing, catching, skipping

Social Goals
Taking turns, Share, Kindness toward others (forgiveness), Learn to remain seated for longer periods of time, Talk to subject being discussed, Manners at the table, Field Trip etiquette

Life Skills:
Art – Cutting, painting, explore all types of art media, seasonal projects
Cooking – measuring, stirring, cutting, basic cooking skills
Sewing – machine sewing and hand sewing, stuffing, sharing what is made

Monthly Activities

SEPTEMBER:   Apples,  Johnny  Apple Seed,  Creation book, Color words, Brown Bear

OCTOBER:  Letters C, O, A, G, sound and sign language, Moses/10 Commandments, Octopus, Ants, GRANDPARENT’S PROGRAM, Field Trip to Riverside Park, Meet with parents for 6-week conference

NOVEMBER:  Learn about pilgrims/ PILGRIM DAY, Psalm 100, Veteran’s Day, Letters D and S  

DECEMBER: Christmas,  Luke 2: 7-12, Letters L and I, Costumes for Christmas story play, Caroling at nearby nursing home

JANUARY:  Snow, TEA PARTY, Letters T and F,  Beginning Readers,  Fire Station Field Trip

FEBRUARY:  Love, Letters E, H, V,B, President’s Day (Lincoln and Washington), Valentine’s Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, TEMPLE DAY, Incubate Eggs

MARCH:  Weather, Letters B, R, N, M, Recipe Books, PASSOVER (sometimes in April)

APRIL:  EASTER, Letters P, V, W, Z, Volcano, Sew pillowcases, Zoo animals/paper mache’

MAY:  Spring, Letters K, Q, J, X, Quilts, Japanese lunch, Ride train to Olympia

JUNE: Letter Y, End of year program, Kindergarten Olympics

Daily Schedule 

AM         PM

8:25       12:10  

8:45       12:30

9:00       12:45

9:15       1:00

9:45       1:30

10:00     1:45

10:15     2:00

10:30     2:15

11:05     2:50

11:15     3:00

*AM Kindergartners are all-day Kindergartners and will transition to an extended learning program with Mrs. Davis for the second half of the day. Click here for more details




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