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Welcome to 6th Grade


Dear Parents,

I look forward to a year filled with great students, a lot of learning, classwork, sharing, reading, studying, exploring, singing, acting, and fun. Sixth grade is always an adventure!  We act out Bible verses in order to memorize them.  We begin grammar by learning 52 prepositions with crazy motions, which is always entertaining! We are blessed with a class set of Chromebooks and get to compete, quiz, create, and research with them throughout the year.  We sprinkle a little bit of Spanish learning throughout the year, as well.  We have lots to learn!

It is always fun to get out of the classroom and move our learning to the outdoors.  I am planning a simple field trip for tree identification in the fall, and we’ll be heading outdoors in April when we travel to the Washington/Oregon coast.  On this four-day trip we will be studying ocean life and the journey of Lewis and Clark.

I love teaching and treasure this opportunity to see students learn and grow. Thank you, parents, for giving me the opportunity to share in the life of your child. 

Many thanks to God for blessing us on the journey!

Mrs. Bradshaw 




MONDAY  ***  WEDNESDAY  ***  FRIDAY            
                   8:25    Bible Study and Daily Grams
                   8:40    Daily Verse and Bible
                   9:20    English/Keyboarding
                  10:10   Recess
                  10:25   Science
                  11:20   Math
                  11:45   Lunch
                  12:05   Recess
                  12:25   Silent Reading
                  12:35   Math Work
                  1:00     Literature or Health                                 
                  1:25     Physical Education                                                     
                   2:10    Spelling & Computer Work                                                          
                   2:55    Dismissal
                  8:25    Daily Gram Work
                  8:30    Chapel
                  9:10    English
                  9:40    Health/Project Work
                 10:10   Recess
                 10:25   Science
                 11:15   Math
                 11:45   Lunch
                 12:05   Recess
                 12:25   Silent Reading
                 12:25   Math
                 12:50   Literature/Art                             
                  1:30    Music                                                     
                  2:00   Recess                                                     
                  2:15   Worktime/Spanish                                                          
                  2:55   Dismissal