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  • Lion's Roar 6-2-21


    SALT Hrs.

    Thank you for all the SALT hours you have contributed to CCS this year. Your contributions of time help us keep our expenses down and gives you a 1st hand look at CCS in action. The last day to turn in SALT hours is on our last day of school, June 9th. Any unfulfilled SALT hours will be charged to your account at $10.00 for every hour not served.



    Our Year End Challenge is tomorrow! Remember, the full year challenge is all the countries from September through May! 


    Watch your mailbox!

    Parents can watch for a mailing from the school during the last week of June that will include report cards, supply lists, calendars, immunization updates and other important information. Family accounts will need to be current and all classroom textbooks and library books returned before report cards will be sent home or records transferred.


    Summer Hours

    The office will be open June 10, 11, 14-16 from 9:00 - 3:00. After that, summer office hours are Wednesdays, from 9:00-1:00.


    End of the Year Reminders

    Please turn in all clothes that have been borrowed from our office.

    If your child has any medications at the school, they must be picked up by the last day of school.

    If you have any SALT hours that need to be turned in, please do so by the last day of school so you can get credited for those hours. Any unserved hours will be billed after that.

    Lunch ticket carry over. If your child will be returning next year, any amount left on his or her lunch ticket will carry over to next school year. Students not returning will be refunded.

    There is no lunch or after-care on our last day of school, June 9th - with a 11:30 dismissal time for everyone.


    Thank You’s

    We would like to extend a special thank you to a few individuals who work to benefit all of our families here at school. You are such important pieces of the puzzle that is CCS!! 

    Joy Wilson for keeping our lawns looking lovely.

    Sharma Cawley for serving as S.A.L.T. coordinator.

    Mike Orr for volunteering in our P.E. classes.

    Chelly Nachatilo for coordinating the Passport Program, and all the faithful test-day checkers who support her.

    Britany Hastings for being our Box Tops coordinator.

    Mike Masters for helping students with speech.

    Faithful School Board & Foundation Board members.

    And to ALL the MANY volunteers who work quietly and diligently in the classrooms and background to keep our school humming along as smooth as it does. We couldn’t (and are so glad we don’t have to) do it without YOU!!!!




    3       Passport Full Year Challenge

    3       Last Day of P3

    4       Last Day of P5

    8       8th Grade Graduation

    9       Last Day of School – Dismiss at 11:30 (No lunch, no aftercare)