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Mrs. Conrad

Mrs. Conrad has been the 1st grade teacher at CCS for many years. She can teach any student to read well and always has a unique craft going on in the classroom! Mrs. Conrad loves Jesus with her whole heart, is very involved with her church family and bakes yummy, creative goodies. Her two kids, Cassie and Ryan, went to CCS preschool through 8th grade and are both still serving the Lord and investing in their communities!

When Mrs. Conrad isn't teaching, she loves to read historical fiction or easy-reads. She also enjoys scrapbooking, making cards, playing Words With Friends, and going out to lunch with loved ones. Her favorite ice creams are Pralines & Cream and Wild Mountain Blackberry and her favorite vacation spot is a warm beach or a cabin in the mountains! 

How long have you been at CCS?
I started teaching in 1984 until 1989...then took 10 years off to raise my kids and returned in 1999.
What do you love about teaching 1st grade students?
I love their enthusiasm for learning and the fact that they love school! They are emergent readers, and I love to unlock that readers' code for them!
What is one of the highlights of the 1st grade year?
Our Classic Tales Day, which is the culmination of our fairy tale unit which uses classic fairy tales to teach story sense and keeps classic literature alive! 
What kind of academic growth can a parent expect from their 1st grader?
There is HUGE academic growth in the first grade. It's exciting to see all that students learn within this year in regards to both subject matter and how to be a learner. Usually students will be reading at a second grade level by the time they leave our first grade, and they will have a solid foundation in mathematics.
What is your prayer for your students?
My prayer for my first grade students is that each of them would come to know that Jesus loves them and wants a relationship with them. He knows their names, He created them, and He wants to be with them through all that life has to offer. He is faithful and just and is enough.