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What was your favorite memory at CCS?

Although there were many, if I had to narrow it down it would be the field trip opportunities we got. My favorite one would be our 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip with our parents and Mrs. Bryson. It was the trip of my life at that point.

How did CCS prepare you for the future (academically or spiritually, etc.)?

CCS prepared me for the future in some instrumental ways. While attending CCS, it was no secret we were given a heavy workload. Maybe it was just me, but it was a lot…nevertheless, it prepared me for an easy high school journey. I came into high school knowing way more than most of my peers. Attending CCS also gave me the tools I needed to be a positive influence to my non-Christian friends.

What do you appreciate about CCS now that you have graduated?

 I appreciate chapels now more than ever. I went to Northwest University, and we had chapel twice a week. I was thankful that CCS did that because I was already used to it! Praying every day to start the day and ending it with prayer was everything I could ask for. The people who I most appreciate are my teachers, recess/lunchroom aides and all the volunteers and substitutes who helped me along my journey. Of course, it was my parents that put me and my four siblings through CCS. At times, it was tough, but I couldn’t thank my parents enough for allowing us Murphys to attend Centralia Christian School.

What are you doing now?

Today, I live in Redmond, WA. I graduated from Northwest University and work for the Seattle Sounders FC as part of their Marketing Street team. Because that is part-time for now I also work for a tech startup called DoorDash. I work in the office on-boarding new applicants and answering questions. I love everything I do with both of those jobs. I am dating Amy, an amazing Christian girl, who is actually a kindergarten teacher up in Kirkland. In my free time I play on an outdoor soccer team and am an avid snowboarder.

Anything else you would like to share?

Advice to students who are currently attending CCS:  lean in to your teachers and love on them because they are in that place for a reason. It’s not an easy job, so be nice and HAVE FUN! Life only gets harder, but thankfully we have our heavenly father to depend on. Blessings!


Thank you for sharing, Ryan. Your CCS family is cheering you on!